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  2. Diana + Camille
    Seattle, 2014

  3. Andrea + Dean

    Can’t wait to blog more soon from Saturday’s gorgeous wedding!


  4. image

    Summer On 120
    Ashley Garrels

    7x7 inches
    20 pages
    Glossy soft cover
    $28.99 available for purchase here!

  5. Hey friends, I made a book! 

    Summer on 120 is a collection of my Hasselblad work from this past summer. Since graduating from college in June I’ve felt the need to produce work at the same speed I was used to in school, but without any set plans or outcomes. These photographs are the result of the return to my roots, so to speak, and the kind of images I love to make for myself, without any agenda.

    If you’d like to have a copy of this little guy, it’s available here on blurb, for $28.99.
    It’s 7x7 inches, 20 pages, and wrapped with a lovely soft cover.

    Thanks for checking it out! 

  6. Flannel Friends

    Sometimes a pick-me-up comes in the form of chasing the last of the day’s light after work with as many cameras as you can carry and a flannel-clad friend who doesn’t mind driving through seattle all day.


  7. Hey all, I made a little mini-book of my film work from this summer! Give it a look if you’d like to have one! :)

  8. Summer Remnants
    Washington + Oregon

  9. Jennifer, 2014

    Inspired by a beautiful book about paper flowers, I decided to construct my own flower crown and ran around in the golden hour light through parks and fields with one of the kindest and happiest souls I know.

  10. A poem for Louise.

    With hair as gold and light as sun,
    she moves and swells like water.
    Contemplating, quietly,
    the things the world has taught her.
    Words that tumble like dust and rain,
    and spill from her like stars.
    These constellations she whispers and weaves
    carry on the winds so far.
    A friend so dear, it’s simply true,
    the universe glows and spins with you.

  11. Camille, 2014

  12. July, 2014

    I’ve finally gotten around to scanning three rolls of film and am smiling ear to ear, looking through these summer adventures.

    The loveliest, long lost sistah, Louise visited from England.Bokeh spilled from every corner of a green, lush park.
    Camille and I traipsed through bushes and tall grass for with our medium format cameras in tow.
    Connor joined us for an evening, neighborhood stroll.
    Sunlight kissed skin and created constellations of freckles.

    So far, so good.

  13. Scenes from summer

  14. Jess

    I am in love with this Hasselblad. Crazy, head first, enamored. 

  15. 7 | 4 | 14

    Happy fourth!